Everything you need to know

Can anyone train with you?

Yes of course! We have many different people from all skill levels, ages and backgrounds. The trainers are professional, experienced and friendly, providing a fun experience for everyone from beginner to professional fighter..

How much does it cost to train with you?

Training cost depends on the length of your stay.

Prices are all visible on our prices page.

When are your training sessions?

Training is from Monday-Saturday, with both morning and afternoon sessions.

Morning 8:00-10:00am

Afternoon 4-7pm..

Where is your gym located?

HongThong Muay Thai is located in Chiang Mai city in northern Thailand. This is a great location, with beautiful surroundings and accommodation, food markets, and shopping centers. It is only a 10 minute drive away from town. Our address is:

129/4 Moo 5
Chiangmai-Sankampang Rd. Soi Roongroje
T. Tasala, Amphur Muang
Chiang Mai, Thailand 50000..

Do you provide accommodation?

Our new location features accommodation with air-conditioning, fridge, high speed wifi, and regular TV. See above for pricing info.

Can you help me arrange a fight?

Yes, we can arrange fights when we feel you are confident and strong enough in technique, so as to ensure safety and success for our fighters. We work actively with local promoters and book local fights for beginners as well as professional national and international-level fights..

What is the trainer vs students ratio?

For group training sessions the number of students varies. During times when there are many students, we will provide additional training support, with a maximum of one trainer per four students. We also offer private sessions for those looking for more intense individual training.

How can I arrange a private session?

 We schedule private trainings in between group training times. Private sessions are one on one with a trainer for one hour. It is a good opportunity for skilled fighters to work on specific skills and also for new fighters to bring themselves up to speed if they are unfamiliar with Muay Thai. Private sessions with a Senior Trainer (Kru Joe or Kru Gen) are 900 baht and private sessions with Junior Trainers are 600 baht. To schedule private training, please contact Kru Joe. Appointments must be made in advance.  

What do I need to bring to training?

For training you should dress in comfortable athletic attire and bring along any personal equipment (gloves, etc.) that you may have. The gym provides equipment and offers water for sale..

Places to eat close to the gym?

There are several cheap-moderately priced dining options nearby the gym. You can ask for more detailed recommendations based on your specific preferences once your arrive..

Do I need Visa to come and train with you?

If you plan to stay in Thailand for 30 days or less, most countries offer a visa on arrival. If you plan to stay longer than 30 days, you will need to acquire a tourist visa or make other arrangements to leave the country for a short period after your initial 30 days. Visa requirements are specific to the student and their country of origin, so we urge your to do your personal research. Although we can offer some advisement, we do not offer visa support as a service of Hongthong..

How is the weather in Chiang Mai?

There are three main seasons in Chiang Mai: hot, rainy, and cold. During hot season (March-July) the weather is dry and temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees Celcius. During rainy season (August- October) the temperature is a bit cooler and it typically rains at least one time per day in the afternoon hours. During cool season (November- February) temperatures can go down to 5 degree Celcius with little to no rain..

Contact details

129/4 Moo 5
Chiangmai-Sankampang Rd. Soi Roongroje
T. Tasala, Amphur Muang
Chiang Mai, Thailand 50000

+66 844 280 595 (Kru GEN)
+66 892 753 188 (Kru JOE)