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Hongthong Muay Thai Gym Training in Chiang Mai

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HONGTHONG MUAY THAI offers expert Thai Boxing training in Chiang Mai from Lumpinee Stadium veterans Hongthongnoi (Kru Joe) and Hongthonglek (Kru Gen)

Together Joe and Gen boast over twenty years experience, 700 cumulative professional Muay Thai and Boxing fights and university qualifications in sport science.

I have known Joe and Gen for a few years and they have been in my son’s corner for several fights. I trust them completely in regards to how they pick an opponent and how they prepare my son for a fight. They are also excellent on guiding my son between rounds to steer him in the right direction in the next round. That is because they have been on both sides of the ring rope hundreds of times! Having these true champions in my son’s corner makes all the difference and I enjoy watching the fights!

And, both Joe and Gen are good sports and they put in the same dedication regardless if you are an amateur wanting to learn a new skill, or if you are an up and coming super-star, hard core pro or just an old man (like me) wanting to be a part of the group. They are all inclusive and they just love what they are doing – as long as you put in your own’s best ability.

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